Icky Sticky #ThrowbackThursday


A few years back, I did a Throwback/Flashback (it was for Flashback Friday) about Lysol multi purpose cleaner, and it got tagged on Reddit as NSFW.  Ironically, it was dirty, but only dirty in the sense that it was “Ew! Gross,” and not “Ew! Gross!” suggestive.

In other words, it was SFW, and I got it made such.

Today, we’re headed to 1989, and dealing with another “dirty” topic…icky sticky floors!

Set to the theme of 1940s detective movies, we have an Ace Detective…

And a beauty…

And some icky, sticky floors!


So, how do they handle this problem?  Click play and find out!

With Top Job (With Ammonia!) on the…Top Job, no icky sticky messes are safe!


So tough, and so clean, you can feel it with your bare feet!

That’s a Top Job…well done!


Top Job was manufactured by Proctor and Gamble until 1990 (the year after this commercial), when it was divested and merged into the Mr. Clean brand.  So while it is technically defunct, it lives on with a certain clean man.  Its original manufacturer, Proctor and Gamble, still exists to this day.

So, not a totally low note, because we know that the cleanest intentions are still being kept by the cleanest man going.  So you can say that he’s doing a…Top Job fighting the icky stickies.

You have your jokes, I have mine!

And there you have it, a very clean Throwback Thursday!  Come back tomorrow for an unrelated commercial from the archives.

Seriously, this week didn’t have a theme.

Have a great day!

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