#FlashbackFriday Is Magically Delicious!

You’d think the Leprechaun would have learned from the Trix Bunny’s mistakes by now!

Ah 1987.  You never fail to amuse (and amaze) me when it comes to your bright colors and animation style.  2018 can’t get away with it, but you, 1987, you not only pull it off, you make it look good!

1987 is also not the year the Leprechaun was able to keep his Lucky Charms cereal from the hands of children.  It didn’t happen in 1986, nor in 1988, and it hasn’t happened since then.

But it’s not like he didn’t try!


It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and a Lucky Charms commercial was the best I could find. So there’s your reason for this existing.


Click play, and watch the madness over marshmallows unfold!

Only in the 1980s could we get away with skateboarding California kids and their colorful animation!



“Frosted Lucky Charms!  They’re magically delicious!”


And with that jingle now stuck in your head, here ends another Flashback Friday!  I’d like to think this non-theme week had its charms, don’t you think?

Hey, you have your jokes, I have mine.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great weekend!

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