Starts #FlashbackFriday In a Theater Near You…

Check listings for showtimes near you.

Or don’t.  This was 29 years ago.

We made it to Friday!

And you know what happens on Fridays, right?

New movies.

That’s the rule/norm/tradition.

And I do I have some commercials for you!

Submitted, for your approval, television spots for movies either currently playing, or opening in theaters soon thereafter.  These spots aired in mid-February 1989 (around Valentine’s Day), and are for movies you may remember.

In this collection…

That time Robert Townsend and Denzel Washington worked together (and had matching Jamaican accents!)…

That time Ted Danson and Isabella Rossellini played cousins by marriage…and had an affair!


That time these films were advertised together (because it saved money for Touchstone Pictures, I guess?), but the voiceover reminded you that they were playing separately.


So don’t ask to see the Double Feature of Three Fugitives and Beaches, because it ain’t happening!

And last but not least, that time Corey Feldman was going through his Michael Jackson phase.


Which is surprisingly not nearly as weird as his more recent phases.

Anyway, whenever you’re ready, click play to see what’s playing, and what will be playing!

What a great way to end the week!  Next week, we’ll dip back into the archives of commercials for more advertising goodness.

Until then (well, until Monday), have a great weekend!

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