#ThrowbackThursday Coming Attractions!

Throwback Thursday is going to the movies…again!

Back by increased reader readership/viewership, I’m bringing in the almost-weekend with a new block of promos you can only find at the beginning of an old videocassette.


This week, we’re going back to 1994 and watching the Coming Attractions from my 1994 VHS print of Wayne’s World 2.

Contained herein…

Those darn Addams kids are at it again!


Chess prodigies!


Long-haired, Johnny Depp!




And Paramount Amusement parks, rated “T” for “Totally Thrilling!”

Riding the rides with a Klingon not included in park admission.

Click play to have your mind blown!

And now that you’ve seen all this…


Enjoy the show, and come back tomorrow for more Coming Attractions!

Have a great Thursday!


#ThrowbackThursday Needs MORE Movie Trailers!

In A #ThrowbackThursday…

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