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#ThrowbackThursday Needs MORE Movie Trailers!

Admit it, you love the idea of whole blocks of movie previews from home videos!

In addition to adulting last weekend, I also worked on the timeless art of tape transfers.  One of those tapes I transferred was my 1994 print of Clean Slate, a somewhat forgettable (unless you saw it) film about a Private Investigator (played by Dana Carvey), who suffers a head injury that causes him to lose his memory with each sleep.  I remember seeing this movie for a friend’s birthday in 1994, and several years later, as a high schooler, I found the movie on a used VHS rack at the video store and decided to buy it.  I liked it back then, but I haven’t seen it in awhile and I’m not exactly sure how I’ll feel about it now.

However, I do feel great about the previews contained beforehand.

So, without further ado, included in this collection of trailers…

Two movies featuring two Culkin siblings!

Jeff Bridges…BLOWN AWAY!

Ted Danson, starring in a movie with a Culkin sibling…


…his ponytail!



And Sandy from Santa Barbara, a Big Dog employee and the focus of my most recent Retroist article!


If all this anticipation to watch a video is too much, click play below and discover the glory of 1994 movie trailers and alleged tie-in discounts for catalog shopping!

And if your head hasn’t exploded from all the excitement…we have more movie trailer fun coming up tomorrow on Flashback Friday!


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