Recap: “Mr. Belvedere” – #ValentinesDay

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!

And yes, everyone is a Valentine on Valentine’s Day, because everyone is loved.

That’s two-thirds of the plot of today’s Valentine’s Day-themed sitcom recap, folks.

Mr. Belvedere and his life with the Owens family is not new or novel to this blog – the show had a Thanksgiving-themed episode I covered on here in November 2016.  And since the show featured a Valentine’s Day episode, and well, I was looking for something Valentine’s Day to write about…you see where this is going, right?

The show had one Valentine’s Day-themed episode, which is one more than most sitcoms could attest to…unless you’re Wings, then you have two.  And this one aired during the show’s second season, nestled in with the sole Thanksgiving episode of the series.  If there had been a Christmas episode, it would have been overkill!

And since Valentine’s Day episodes of sitcoms aren’t exactly common, why don’t we examine the one I found a little closer.  What do you say?

It’s ok, you’re seriously going to get some laughs out of this one.

Without more ado than I’ve already provided, here’s the season two Mr. Belvedere Valentine’s Day episode…”Valentine’s Day.”

Score one for creativity, folks!

It’s around Valentine’s Day (several weeks before, in fact), and in the Owens home, daughter Heather is hoping for a Valentine, since she sent some out.

Screenshot (1083)

And by some, she means 200.

You know, when I was single, I wasn’t even that desperate.  I also didn’t know 200 people.  Ok, well I graduated with 200 people, but they weren’t all guys, and well, I didn’t have a…

Ok, look, here’s my point – she sent out 200 Valentines, and I doubt she’s exaggerating that number!


Screenshot (1084)

Amid all the bills is a red envelope with her name, and a heart on it.  Inside, a card from her Valentine, with this message:

“Roses are red, your smile is gleaming, it’s time to come in for a checkup and cleaning.”

It’s at that exact moment that Hallmark wonders how they didn’t jump all over that!

Elsewhere, in the Owens house…

Screenshot (1085)

Kevin has returned from a band audition – three bands, two rejections, and a group that wanted him to bite the head off a gerbil.

Mr. Belvedere says that at least Kevin didn’t spoil his dinner.


And then there’s sweet, irrepressible brat Wesley.  Certainly nothing could possibly be wrong for the youngest member of the family.

Little Wesley got kicked out of class, and given a note.  The note, however, is to put Wesley in an advanced class.  Marsha and George are fine with this, excited even, but Wesley wants to goof off. He blames Mr. Belvedere for telling him to apply himself, and look where it got him!

You know, based on the stories my boyfriend told me about his childhood, I’m convinced he was alot like Wesley.

Mr. Belvedere informs Wesley that he may very well one day be an asset to society, to which Wesley informs him, “not if I can help it!”

Screenshot (1088)

Cue credits!

Back to the show!

Screenshot (1089)

Heather is the only one around when the doorbell rings, so naturally, she must answer the door.  She doesn’t find someone, but she finds something…an envelope!  A VALENTINE!  An unsigned Secret Admirer Valentine!

Screenshot (1090)

Wesley comes home from school, amid a discussion with Mr. Belvedere about how he spent his thirty minutes of unstructured free time in his new class.

Screenshot (1091)

Mr. Belvedere: He went bowling.

But on the bright side, he was put into a study group!

Wesley’s new study group is coming over later on that evening.  When Marsha says that Mr. Belvedere could give the group cookies and hot cocoa, Wesley informs his mom that they’re too sophisticated for that.  Mr. Belvedere’s response?  He’ll run out for brandy and cigars.

How to impress people and make friends: offer the classy stuff!

Screenshot (1092)

Kevin, meanwhile, has landed a band gig, and they’re coming over that evening – The Young Savages.

And trust me, that name is not all it appears.

Screenshot (1093)


“The Young Savages” – Herb, Bud, and Ernie Savage, and Stan Young.

Get it?  The Young Savages?

You totally get it.

Their style is nothing like what Kevin was expecting.  I don’t think their style is anything a teenager in the 80s is expecting.  All I know is I’ve got “Standing on the Corner Watching All The Girls Go By” stuck in my head.

Screenshot (1094)

Wesley is working with his new study group, which includes a bespectacled Stacy Ferguson, pre-Fergie.  I’m not kidding, that’s Fergie.  But here, she’s Beth.

Screenshot (1095)

And Beth likes Wesley.

Meanwhile, the Young Savages are singing “High Hopes,” and have a “disagreement” on who says “ker-plop” (it’s more like “but I was supposed to say it this time!”), so they sing it all over again.

Wesley is spending time with Beth, and while they look at her art book, she puts the moves on him – mushy music, root beer, and she takes off her glasses.  Wild woman! Beth displays that she has a cute little crush on Wesley, but this scare Wesley and sends him running.

Screenshot (1096)

The next day, Wesley fakes sick so he doesn’t have to go to school and face Beth.

But she shows up at the Owens house to return his textbook, and to ask Wesley to be her Valentine.  George and Marsha thinks this is “awww” worthy, but Wesley is freaked out.  When she asks him to the dance, he drags his feet about going.

Screenshot (1100)

Mr. Belvedere is unnerved by the music of the Young Savages, and Heather’s secret admirer sends her candy and roses.

Later on, Beth calls Wesley to tell him that she can’t wait to get Wesley alone with her.  The very idea of this scares Wesley.

Screenshot (1103)

Kevin, meanwhile, is having a hard time with being in his new band.  They want him to yodel.  All Kevin wants to do is get girls and rock out, but in two weeks, he hasn’t done anything. He asked to come back to the garage, because someone has to bark during “How Much Is That Doggie In the Window?”

Oh good lord.

He doesn’t believe this group could ever get a gig.

Screenshot (1104)

Never say never, Kevin.

The Valentine’s Day Dance at Wesley’s school: The Young Savages’ first gig with Kevin as their drummer.

Screenshot (1105)

Heather is discouraged because her Valentine hasn’t fessed up yet, and she is asked by a boy (an elementary school boy) to dance with him.  She begrudgingly obliges.

Screenshot (1116)

Beth spots George and Marsha, and informs them that Wesley is lucky to have two charming parents, and where he gets his rugged manliness and good looks from.

Brownnoser.  George likes her.

Wesley arrives at the dance, acting quite the little gentleman (it won’t last), and dancing with Beth.  George cuts in on Heather’s dance partner so he can have a dance with her.  Wesley calls Beth’s bluff, but she acts on her crush.  She runs off with him in tow.  George fesses up that he is Heather’s Secret Admirer, which crushes Heather.

Screenshot (1110)

Meanwhile, Wesley tries to get away from Beth, who confesses her feelings for him.  And when her kiss is merely a peck, it surprises Wesley.  And that’s all she wanted to do.  They’re ten years old, after all.  They go back to the dance.

Screenshot (1111)

Kevin has finally had enough of The Young Savages style of music, and during the umpteenth time “Standing on the Corner Watching All the Girls Go By” has been heard in this episode, he lets loose on his drums.

It’s at that moment that we all get Kevin.

He stops long enough to let the song finish.

Screenshot (1112)

Later on, Wesley comes into the kitchen to get a piece of pie with his name on it (Mr. Belvedere is eating it).  Wesley thanks him for the advice about dealing with Beth’s crush on him (Belvedere says it was terrible advice), Wesley says he’ll eat some of Heather’s candy, and Mr. Belvedere informs him that it just isn’t his night.

I’d say poor Wesley, but things sorta worked out for him.

Screenshot (1113)

Heather apologizes to George for her actions, and gives her “sleeping” father a card, thanking him and informing him that he is the best Valentine ever.

George is satisfied.

And now we’ve come to the portion of the show where Mr. Belvedere reflects on recent events in his journal.

Screenshot (1114)

He’s reflecting on Valentine’s Day – Heather’s heart belongs to Daddy, Kevin is no longer performing with The Young Savages, and Belvedere hopes Wesley’s first kiss was as memorable as his, so long ago.

“Maggie, you vixen.”

Screenshot (1115)

Wait, Margaret Thatcher?!

And end credits!

Prior to 2015, I hadn’t seen Mr. Belvedere in at least 20-plus years.  But while I knew what Stacy Ferguson looked like, for some reason, when I saw this a few years ago, I thought Beth was actually Ami Foster, who played Margaux Kramer on Punky Brewster.

(Left) Ami Foster, (Right) Stacy Ferguson.

There’s a slight resemblance there, so while I was totally wrong, I was on the right track…right?

Just give me an “A” for effort.  It’s all I ask.

All told, this was a cute episode.  Heather learned that it is ok to be single on Valentine’s Day, and that your Secret Admirer doesn’t have to be one of 200 people (seriously, 200!) you send a Valentine to in the mail.  Wesley learned that a 10-year-old girl’s idea of “moving fast” was a peck on the cheek, and Kevin…Kevin needs to find another band.

And Mr. Belvedere name dropped Margaret Thatcher as his first kiss.

I’ll let that sink in.

So, if you’d like to watch this episode, YouTube has a treat for you!

Go on, click play, and watch that time Fergie tried to win Wesley’s heart over.  Word from the wise: cover your ears during the scenes featuring The Young Savages.

Screenshot (1093)

You’ll thank me!



Just…just click play.

I hope you enjoyed this rare recap of mine.  Have a great day, and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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