Daily Post Writing Prompt – January 2018

I haven’t had much of an opportunity to work on any writing prompts in January (or the last few months, to be honest).  I really need to get back to writing exercises, because while I’m not at a loss for ideas, I do love the challenge of words!

I present to you, readers, all thirty-one days of January, in writing prompt form!

The words, in order, from January 1st to January 31st!

ConversationReservationTreatViableAllergicWinsomeFunnelForlornBrilliantUndulateCarveEvokeStaticEntertainStudy, Loophole, Agile, Shock, Blink, Horizon, Strategy, Candid, Tardy, Dominant, Trill, Silhouette, Inscrutable, Inkling, Stifle, Cavity, and Conveyor

Let’s have a conversation – a chat, talk, face-to-face, a meeting.  Let’s discuss the important issues of the day, week, month, year, and moment.  Let’s do it without confrontation and argument.  We can disagree (heck, we can agree to do such!), but let’s not argue.  Let’s…just have a conversation.

reservation is more than having a spot set aside for us at a fancy restaurant, it is also a qualification to an expression of agreement or approval.  Having a reservation is also doubting, being skeptical, hesitating, and objecting.

Ice cream, cookies, and cake are after dinner treats.  However, treating is more than just a tasty surprise.  To treat is also an action toward someone’s behavior (treating someone like a child because they throw a fit, when they’re actually an adult), regarding something as being of a specified nature with implications for one’s action (information being regarded as classified information, or “treated” as classified information), giving medical care (treating wounds or illness), applying something to protect or preserve (applying finish, treating a table surface with varnish), and to present or discuss a subject.  If I’m going to a restaurant with you, and offer to pay for your food, I’m treating you.  A treat is also a favor (cheat day on a diet), and a negotiation of terms.

To be viable is to be feasible, capable of working successfully, and practical.  It is also used to describe premature babies and their survival rate should they be ready to be born before they are full-term.  To be viable is to be usable, possible, realistic, achievable, attainable, and doable.

I’m allergic to multiple medications (Penicillin, Ceclor, Sulfa, Codeine), one type of food (peaches, or anything classified as a “stone fruit”), a material (Latex, specifically, the powder), and an additive (caffeine).   When you are allergic to something, you’re sensitive to the application, use, or chemical makeup of something.  But, you can also just dislike something strongly (allergic to the idea or concept of something).  I would never use the word that way, especially since I have legitimate allergies.

When you’re winsome, you’re attractive in appearance or character.  Your smile, reaction, and personality can be winsome when someone else likes it.  Have winsome qualities draws the right attention to you.

funnel is a kitchen gadget (bestill my boyfriend’s heart, he loves kitchen gadgets of every type!), a tube or pipe used for guiding liquid or powder from one container/source to another container.  A funnel is also a metal chimney on a ship or steam engine.  To funnel something is to guide, channel, move, or assist.  It’s also a type of delicious fried cake covered in powder and served at the boardwalk.  Yum!

If I’m forlorn, I’m sad, alone, and pitiful.  I’m like this song:

(I hate my boyfriend for getting this stuck in my head.  You suck, James!)

I’m brilliant!  I’m exceptionally clever and talented, bright, radiant, outstanding, and impressive.  And then I woke up from my amazing dream, and realized I was smart and witty.  Which is good enough in my book!

To undulate is to move with a smooth, wavelike motion, and to have a wavy form, outline, surface, or edge.  The ocean is undulated as it rolls towards the shore.

When I carve a turkey or a piece of wood, I’m cutting into it to shape my subject.  I’m slicing meat to eat it, make something into a pleasurable shape, thus creating something.  But, when I’m skiing (which I don’t, by the way), when I’m carving, I make a turn by tilting my skis on to their edges and using my weight to bend them so that they slide into an arc.

And then I crash and roll down the mountain.


To evoke something, I’m drawing it into conscious mind.  I’m bringing, recalling, summoning, and conjuring.  I do something for a response (I’m eliciting it from you!), or I’m invoking a spirit or deity.

Ouija, anyone?

Static cling, “snow on the TV,” and the front page of a blog or website.  When something is static, it lacks movement, action or change.  To be static is to be fixed, stable, steady, and consistent.  Also, to be static is to shock me every time I touch something metal.

Let me entertain you, let me make you smile.  Let me provide you with amusement or enjoyment, receive you as my guest, and give attention to or consider an idea, thought, suggestion, or feeling.

When I study, I’m learning a concept, subject, or preparing for an exam.  I’m giving my time, attention, and in turn, acquiring knowledge. A study is also academically-based books and articles on a subject (and is also used in the title of said subject!).  When I have a study in my house, it means I have a quiet room in which to work and, well, study.

When one finds a loophole in something, it means they found a shortcut, ambiguity, or inadequacy in the law or rules. One is evading and avoiding the legal way of doing something. Conversely, to make a loophole is to make arrow slits in a wall or building.

Being agile means moving fluidly, smoothly, quickly, and easily.  The best dancers are agile.  Another definition of agile (and one I’d never heard before writing this!) “relates to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.” (Source)

When I shock you, I surprise, startle, or upset you.  A shock can also be a violent movement resulting from impact, explosion, or tremor.  A shock is always sudden and unexpected, and can have negative and positive impact.

Don’t Blink!  You might miss something!


When we look to the horizon, we’re looking to the future.  The earth meets the sky at the horizon.  A horizon is also the limit of a person’s perception, experience, or interest.  Horizon is an outlook, perspective, and skyline.  Oh, and it’s horizontal!

When one has a strategy, there is a decision, determination, policy and “plan of attack” in place.  The overall aim is major, and can be military, political, and corporate.  One can also develop a strategy as applied to a difficult board game.

When one is candid, he or she is straightforward, frank, truthful, forthright, blunt, open, honest, sincere, and direct.  When one takes a candid photograph, it was taken without the photo subject’s knowledge.  In this case, the photo is impromptu and shows the subject in a natural light.  We always hope a candid photo is a positive one.

When I’m tardy, I’m late, delayed, or slow in action or response.

To be dominant is to exert control or power over someone or something perceived to be less.  When one is dominant, they are powerful, influential, commanding, supreme, and authoritative.

A trill is a warbling, vibratory, or quavering sound, characterized by a rapid alternation of sung or played notes.  Birds, phones, and alarms trill.

silhouette is a single-colored, dark, solid shape of a person, place, or object against a lighter background.

Something that is inscrutable is hard to interpret or understand.  There is a mysteriousness, unreadable, unexplainable, incomprehensible, impenetrable, unfathomable, unknowable, and enigmatic quality to what is inscrutable.

I have an inkling about this.  I have the slightest suspicion, a hint perhaps.

Either that, or I’m a character in Splatoon!


When I stifle you, I’m keeping something quiet, under wraps,and supressing you.  If I’m a violent person (which I’m not), I’d be trying to suffocate you as a means of stifling.  To stifle yourself is also to restrain oneself from acting on an emotion.

Have you ever had a cavity before?  If you have, then you had an empty space within a solid object.  You have an abdominal cavity, a sinus cavity, and that cavity in your tooth.  The solution for the one in your tooth?  Open up and say “aaaahhhhh!”  Hope you like drills!

And, finally…

I’m a conveyor of information.  I look it up, type it up, and deliver it to you in blog form.  Also a conveyor?  A type of belt that items are placed on to move from one place to another.  There was this one catalog store when I was growing up called BEST, and you would bring a ticket to a counter for an item you wanted.  The item would be delivered on a conveyor belt from a storage area to you at the counter.  It was a fascinating concept for a retail store.


Hope you enjoyed all the prompts for January 2018!  Here’s to more in February!!!!


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