#FlashbackFriday Is The Difference Between Muscle and Fat

It’s also the difference between boredom and entertainment, sanity and insanity, and in some places, happiness and unhappiness.

It’s all true.

So, we’re working toward keeping our New Year’s resolutions.  Yesterday, we vowed to have dental checkups where the dentist only found ONE CAVITY!.  Today, we’re going to get FIT!

So I’ll ask the important question…

What do Cher, Joan Collins, and some not famous ladies have in common?

Nothing, other than they work out.  Specifically, they work out in places that no longer exist, and did so before the evolution of Curves and Planet Fitness.

Find out more by clicking play!

They may as well have called Living Well Lady “Lady Fitness,” and made it sound like a Tina Fey sketch from Saturday Night Live.  You know, when it was still good.

And those prices?


So pick a location, and sign yourself up.  Tell ’em Cher sent you!


Maybe it will get you a discount?

And there you have it, another New Year’s resolution, and the first week of the New Year finished.

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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