“#ThrowbackThursday, I Only Have ONE Cavity!”

Because we aim high!

And we use Crest toothpaste.  Because the competition doesn’t guarantee I’m only going to get ONE cavity!

First off, Happy New Year!  I know it’s not quite a week into the new year yet, but I hope your 2018 has started off on the right track.  And if you’re looking to begin your resolutions, good luck!

This week’s theme is resolutions, and if you already didn’t notice by the beginning of this post, we’re talking toothpaste, or more specifically, dental care!

Today, we’re digging into the world of 1001 Classic Commercials and Crest’s promise to reduce cavities.  This was in the 1960s, and part of an early Crest campaign.  As you know, Crest is still around today (I used it as a kid, and my parents still use it today), so this won’t have the depressing feel of some of my other Throwback/Flashback articles.

You know, the ones where I find out a company is now owned by someone else and operating under a different name, or defunct altogether.  Those are so depressing!

Anyway, today’s commercial set involve a very happy group of youngsters…



And they all have some exciting news to report…which you’ll hear when you click play!

I’m still laughing about the teacher daddy that gives the kids a rabbit to hold.  Not to keep, but to hold.


Consider it a reward for one cavity per child!

Gee, thanks dad!!!!

And there you have it, kids who aim high and strive for only one cavity.  I’ve always strived for – I don’t know – zero cavities.  But these kids, they’re content with one.

I’d be crying my eyes out right now.  One cavity.

Have a great day!


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