My Most Boring Gameplay Ever: “Wheel of Fortune – Deluxe Edition”

Let’s just say it was boring enough to scrap as a Retroist article.

There are some things commentary just can’t cover, and I’m convinced I found that by playing Wheel of Fortune – Deluxe Edition for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  Not that the game itself is boring (I liked it when I was 14 years old, and I still like it now), but it is just a bit “vanilla” for a gameplay video.  But since I took the time to make it, I may as well share it, right?


Wheel of Fortune – Deluxe Edition was released in 1994 (though I clearly remember the game cartridge saying 1993 on it) by GameTek.  There is an original version for the SNES (I also have that one), and I’m seriously wondering how “vanilla” that one is.

The game is “hosted” by Vanna White (not sure why Pat Sajak wasn’t featured).  It’s not the hardest game, but without revealing too much about my experience playing it for the recording, I did get cheated a few times.


I always used to use the blonde woman, and now I finally have that hair color.


Featuring (or featurin, since she hadn’t finished spelling it yet) a sprite that doesn’t resemble Vanna White.

Anyway, click the play button below, and take my sincerest apology – this isn’t the most exciting gameplay or commentary I’ll ever do.

I said at the end that I may try Jeorpardy! next, as that may be more exciting, but I’m seriously doubting it.

Thanks for watching!  I promise more exciting gameplay to come!

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