Goodreads Review: “The Baby-Sitters Club Super Mystery #4 – Baby-sitters’ Christmas Chiller”

Hey, guess what?  Another Goodreads review, this time of something Christmasy AND Baby-Sitters Club!

Baby-sitters' Christmas Chiller (Baby-Sitters Club Super Mystery, #4)Baby-sitters’ Christmas Chiller by Ann M. Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A little over a year since I started my re-read/new read of selected “Baby-Sitters Club” novels, and I’m discovering subseries I never knew existed.

Like the Super Mystery series.

I was looking for some “Christmas” books to read (and review for my blog), and knew there was one “Baby-Sitters Club” novel that came out after I stopped reading the series in 1995. Turns out there was more than one. I wound up buying three, including this one.

The Super Mystery series was published between June 1995 and December 1997, with four books in the series, this one being the final part.

It’s Christmastime in Stoneybrook (and for Stacey and Claudia in New York City, where they’re visiting until Christmas Eve), and a series of mysteries are occurring in both cities. In Stoneybrook, there’s a series of robberies/vandalisms on the street that Kristy and Abby live on, Mallory and Jessi’s encounter with a pregnant woman suffering from amnesia, and a series of misadventures and mishaps for Claudia and Stacey during their trip to New York (Stacey’s boyfriend acting strange, missing lightbulbs, paint everywhere, broken elevators, a near miss on the subway platform). What the heck is going on, and will the girls resolve all of their mysteries in time for Christmas?

I really enjoyed this book. I have been reading it in dribs and drabs (in bed, at the gym, and during my lunchbreak one day in an effort to finish it). As with all the Baby-Sitter’s Club books, they’re all pretty cheesy. I’ve come to realize this since last year, but in that cheesiness, I have gotten in touch with the reasons why I’ve always liked the stories. This one had its moments where I could picture the girls shrieking, mostly because I’ve watched the TV series, and there wasn’t an episode where they didn’t let out some kind of shriek. Call me silly, but it was quite fun running the whole mystery through my head and trying to figure out who did it. The best part is that this kept me guessing until the very end, so I felt like I was really thinking on their level. Let’s face it, I’m 35 years old, but to really enjoy this and get into it, I have to put on my “inner eleven-year-old” cap. Trust me, that’s not a difficult task.

I do like how the story wrapped up, because it ends on a nice note (don’t they all), and it is a Christmas story, after all.

I think I’m going to tackle the rest of the Super Mysteries at some point.

I still have two more BSC Christmas novels to go, so hey, two more reviews to come!

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  1. I used to read this series, but I think I missed this story, or didn’t get that far into it. Sci-fi and fantasy were more my thing, I think, and after a while The Babysitter’s Club stopped appealing to me. They made it into a TV series?

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      1. One season – ah, that’s why I’ve never seen it or heard about it. I enjoyed the series for awhile, like I said, and I could probably pick of up again at some point. I’m trying to remember which Babysitter was my favorite, but I’m coming up blank….

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