If You Peek, A #FlashbackFriday Goes Back To The Store…

…is not what happens in this commercial!

But it should!

When I was a kid (from about ten years old until well into my teens, and I’m convinced beyond that), my mom used to give myself and my brother (mostly him, because he snooped) a warning that if we peeked and found Christmas presents, something would go back to the store.  My mom said at one point (very jokingly) in my early twenties that my brother had basically lost gifts meant for future grandchildren.

Lucky for him, my mom gets my niece Christmas stuff.

In today’s commercial, from December 1997, we have a father and son…


And they’re spying on mom’s Christmas wrapping…

And all the great stuff she got from Staples, which you will see when you click play!

A water pistol was not one of those items, but you best believe it deterred dad from ever peeking again.

But can you blame him?

It’s quite the Christmas list.  Either this guy is an office supply hobbyist, or has his own business.


We’ve also got a great return policy for when you decide to return the gifts your husband peeked at.

And, there you have it – short, sweet, to the point, and a personal story thrown in for good measure.

We’re one step closer to Christmas, and the celebration goes on (and on) on Allison’s Written Words.

Won’t you continue to join me?

Have a great weekend!

(Note: I, for one, don’t peek.  I like being surprised. 🙂 )

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