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#ThrowbackThursday Likes Their Roommate’s Cooking School Homework…

…and they do a great job cleaning up!

If you saw the teaser on my blog’s Facebook page, this week’s post-Halloween theme is rolling up one’s sleeves and cleaning up the tough messes.


You know, like Lasagna, Casserole, and Cake!

If only the roommate knew how her fellow roommates did it…and when you click play, you’ll know too!

My apologies on the audio – the original recording plays at a lower volume, and I had to adjust the audio when I was editing.  The result doesn’t sound so good, but the video quality is excellent!

They do such a great job, perhaps she would be happy to repay their hard work…

Not quite.


It has one job…and it does it well.

And that’s one dishwashing problem solved!

Come back tomorrow when we see what happens when someone else is faced with dishwashing problems!

See you tomorrow, and enjoy your Thursday!


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