The Daily Post Writing Prompt Challenge!

Oh yes, 31 words, one post!

Source: The Daily Post – Prompts Page

I’ve been a little lacking in the writing prompt department, but not for a lack of overall words.  My blog kept a steady stream of Halloween-themed posts going the entire month of October.  Between that, Retroist duties (including weekly contributions, podcast writing, and podcast recording), and my recent foray into gameplay and video commentary (finally branching out!!!!), I put priority on these projects.  With November beginning, and an opportunity to step back and enjoy the next few weeks before I throw Thanksgiving into the mix, I figured on an ambitious little project – use all 31 writing prompts from October in one post.  You say it can’t be done.

You don’t really know me, do you?

The words (In order, from October 1st until October 31st):

Popular, Athletic, Interest, Deny, Fashionable, Genius, Elastic, Superficial, Believe, Tame, Exceptional, Fraud, Cloaked, Succumb, Ascend, Loyal, Risky, Brave, Express, Release, Expect, Enlighten, Cacophony, Trademark, Identity, Surreal, Orange, Prefer, Gratitude, Fluff, Ghoulish

Being popular should have nothing to do with athletic abilities or your interest in what is trendy and fashionable.  There is no denying that the bestest and truest qualities are what makes someone likable, and should qualify as making someone popular. Allow me to enlighten you as to what should qualify as the bestest and truest qualities one should possess.

  1. Don’t succumb to the pressure of negative influence.
  2. Develop an identity that is yours, and yours alone.  Think of yourself as a trademark that only you can patent.  No one can copy you for risk of fraud.
  3. Be loyal to your beliefs and personality.
  4. Be risky…but in a safe kind of way.  Not everything you do or like will be done or liked by others, but those who value you will like that you take risks and go beyond the status quo.
  5. Be brave in your steadfast convictions. There is courage in believing in yourself and developing the bestest and truest qualities.
  6. Express yourself!  Madonna said to,  after all! Let your personality shine through even if others try to hold you back.  Don’t be tame about who you are – show it off!  However, a cacophony to the point of surrealism is not necessary, so dial it back (but not too far back!!!!).  You don’t want to keep it all cloaked, right?
  7. Believe in yourself.
  8. Prefer yourself, not what others prefer you to be!
  9. Beauty is not superficial, so embrace that inner beauty!  Being ghoulish is not allowed when being your bestest and truest!
  10. Show off your genius talents!  Everyone has something to offer, even if you don’t always know it!  Be exceptional!
  11. Your personality should be pure and true – no fluff allowed!
  12. Be elastic – flexible and stretchy but always able to bounce back!
  13. Release anything holding you back from being your truest and bestest – toxic people, convictions, worries.  Let it all go!
  14. Expect resistance from others at the outset, but the ones who value you and embrace this reinvention of sorts will show their gratitude towards you.

So, what say you?  Are you ready to be your bestest and truest?

And because I have one word left…

Orange ya glad I told you all this?

Yeah, I know, cheesy!!!!


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