Happy Little Funko Pops

It seems everything has a Funko Pop these days.

I was on Facebook last night while waiting for a movie (for the curious, I saw RiffTrax Live’s Summer Shorts Beach Party), and I spotted what has to be, without a doubt, the most unusual idea for a Funko Pop yet.

And despite that claim, I’m not surprised it exists.

But let me take a few steps back, and remind you of something many of us already knew.

“Paint Some Happy Little Trees…”

There was something so right, so relaxing, and so strange about the fascination us ’80s babies have with Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting.  Maybe it was his calm, relaxing demeanor, the fact that we all wanted to know how to paint just like him, or the fact that in his world, Happy Little Trees, Clouds, and Mountains were a thing.

But it may have been that we loved staring at his amazing afro.


That hair is art in itself.

“Mold Some Happy Little Vinyl…”

And from all that art, awesomeness, and the eclecticism of Funko and their Pop collection, comes this addition to their Vinyls…


Jaw drop and mind blown, Bob has been Funko-ified.

(That’s a word.)

From his kind eyebrows, to this painter’s wheel, customary Canadian tuxedo of an outfit (all denim!), right down to the beard and (yes) legendary afro, this Funko Pop is hopes, dreams, and Happy Clouds  for all!

Bob will be available on September 1, 2017, but Amazon has him available for pre-order.  I’d recommend putting your order in soon, because you know how these Funko Pops just fly off the shelves.

And if Funko is looking to make any other Icons of PBS into Vinyls, may I suggest Jeff “The Frugal Gourmet” Smith, Bob Vila, Mr. Rogers, and LeVar Burton?

It’s worth a shot, people!


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