Happy Little Funko Pops – Part 2

What’s better than Happy Little Clouds, Happy Little Trees, and Bob Ross?

Well, nothing.  But a Bob Ross Funko Pop seemed like it could easily come in second!


Several months ago, I introduced you to the Bob Ross/The Joy of Painting Funko Pop upon pre-ordering it from Amazon (Order it Here).  Apparently, this one was so good and so popular, Funko didn’t hesitate in thinking of other ways of tapping into everyone’s love of Happy Little Trees and the soft-talking, afro-haired painter who made them possible.

So they made a second series.



Three new additions to the Joy of Painting, now with giant paintbrushes, Happy Little Owls, and Happy Little Raccoons!  This is everything we’ve asked for, without ever having to ask for it.  And Funko knows we love it!

I know I watched The Joy of Painting for years on my local PBS station, but years later, I’m still not quite sure what the appeal was.  I don’t paint, I never have (aside from elementary and middle school art classes), and I never will.  But there was always some appeal in watching Bob teach us how to craft lush landscapes of trees, mountains, and blue skies.  Maybe he was the school art teacher everyone wanted to have, or perhaps his afro fascinated the masses of 1980s kids.  I’m not sure, but these Funkos…yeah, they’re just as appealing.

I looked it up, and the release date for these is January 2018.  I’m not quite at the point where I’ll preorder them (I’d like to see a more concrete release date first), but I’m considering getting these.  They’ll look so happy with the one I already have!

For now, I’ll leave you with my latest GIPHY magic!


Like these Pops, it is everything you’ve ever wanted, but never needed to ask for! 🙂


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