When You Open Your Arms to #FlashbackFriday…

…then you’re excited about the weekend.

You’re also informed that there is a special connection to adopting a Cabbage Patch Kid and Father’s Day.

Yesterday on Throwback Thursday, we saw into the minds of precocious children who dared to dream about a store that was all for them…and theirs to conquer in the dream world.

Today, we stay in the precociousness and innocence of childhood with a 1987 commercial that somehow connects the ownership of a Cabbage Patch Kid with Father’s Day.

Of course, it is set against a tearjerker of a song, which you’ll hear when you click play!

It is a reminder to wish dad a Happy Father’s Day, but I’m pretty sure this is code for “If I wish him a Happy Father’s Day, he’ll buy me a Cabbage Patch Kid!”

Hey, whatever works, right?


I had the blonde one on the left, with the green sleeve showing!  Her name was Gail!!!!  And I think I had the redhead in the yellow dress on the right above the girl’s head – I think that was my Beverly (and if it isn’t her, it certainly looks alot like her!)


That pacifier makes me laugh way harder than it ever should!

And now that I’ve given myself the tears and joy of finding two of my Cabbage Patch kids in this girl’s collection, I’ll wrap up Flashback Friday here.

Fear not, because Flashback Friday will return next week, following its older sibling Throwback Thursday in to usher the week’s end.

And don’t forget about Music Monday, which is happening all summer and featuring a different song from my playlist each week!

Have a great weekend! 🙂


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