It’s All For #ThrowbackThursday

…is the exact place you want to be!

Unless it’s Flashback Friday, then that’s where you want to be!

I had this dream once, when I was about five or six.  I know that was a long time ago, but I honestly have never forgotten the details of it.  I just couldn’t, it was both that good and that vivid.

I had this dream that I was in Toys R Us after hours.  The lights were on but dimmed, it was empty and quiet, and I had free reign of the store.  I pushed demo buttons on talking doll displays, touched every stuffed animal, and pushed every button I could find.  It was amazing.

Imagine having that kind of dream?  I’d like to think everyone my age had a dream just like that at some point.  And apparently, someone at Toys R Us knew kids had dreams like this, because in 1999, they showed us exactly where kids go when they dream.

And by clicking play, you’ll get to live (perhaps re-live?) what it is like to dream of such a time you can have to yourself!

Can you imagine the world’s largest Monopoly board (and always winning?)…


endless video games, tea parties, toy trucks…

and just anything you could ever play with?


Every one-year-old dreams of bikes, right?

And carousels?


This is an amazing commercial.  Toys R Us has always known how to appeal to kids on their level, but to nostalgic “big kids,” their commercials (at least, their classic advertising) hits on the right emotional level.  I remember seeing this as a 16-year-old, and tearing up over it.  Was it because I was a teenager, or was this because it was a “dream realized” type of commercial?

I tear up over the “I Wanna Be a Toys R Us Kid!” commercial from the 1980s too.

And now that you’re either crying for your childhood, or laughing at me for my dream, this is where the commercial ends.  Of course, Flashback Friday will be back tomorrow, with another “tug at the heartstrings” type of commercial.

Keep those tissues handy, you may need them tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday!

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