The Perfect Balance of Getting Work Done…And Getting Shuteye

Surely this is not a thing!

(Oh uniformed individual…it is a thing!!!!!!!)

I’ve seen some interesting ads on my Facebook sidebar – ads promoting back-to-school shopping for king-size beds in luxury hotels, unicorns that don’t have five-star ratings on Amazon, bedsheets for men (complete with women sleeping in them), and even an ad for textbooks with naked arse displayed in the ad. ┬áThe more bizarre and off-kilter something is, the more appealing it is for me to make it a blog post.

Like you didn’t already know this about me!


Refers to every strange sidebar ad I find…and spam comments about lack of fake boobs.

A few days ago, I happened upon another bizarre sidebar ad (which is the only thing that meets/exceeds my spam folder in bizarreness), and I spotted this choice product, which promotes the ultimate work-sleep balance.

Screenshot (981)

The Privacy Pop, or “The Nap Tent for Better Naps”!

I have nothing.

Screenshot (982) - Copy

Screenshot (982)

It’s a tent, but it fits on your desk, and you can sleep in it on your lunchbreak!

$54.99, and you too can do what throwing a blanket over your head can also accomplish for much less.

But you don’t want some cheap solution, you want a tent for your desk!

You want this!

Screenshot (982) - Copy


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