Lunchtime Madlibs!

Because I’m already not a big enough geek/womanchild…

I was looking for a totally different app recently (not sure which one), and I came across a MadLibs app in the Google Play store.  I used to have some of those little MadLibs books growing up, but it honestly has been 20-plus years since I laughed at the use of the word “butt” in a story that had nothing to do with butts.

Seriously, I’m not sure why my brother and I found the use of “butt” in every MadLibs story so funny.

Anyway, I wanted to give this app a little test drive in the remaining minutes of my lunchbreak, so I did, and well, you’ll get to see why I never quite mastered adverbs in school.  Pretty pathetic, since I’m a writer, but maybe I need a grammar brush up.

When you’re coming up with words on the fly (and at a breakneck pace because you’re counting the minutes), these things happen!

This is my result!

Get the app here!

Oh, and try not to use “butt” constantly. Don’t wanna look like an overgrown 10-year-old, do ya?

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