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Today’s Daily Post Writing Prompt: Controversy.

There is a saying that proclaims that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

I wonder how they feel about controversy.

Controversy is seen as a negative.  There are controversial movies, controversial books, controversial comedians and political figures, as well as entertainers.  Controversy is what resulted in PG-13, NC-17, and the Parents Music Resource Center.

Controversy is an opinion, a disagreement, and heated.  It can be prolonged and cause contention between quarrelling parties.  If someone takes a stance or makes light of something that discredits or offends members of a group, controversy often rears its ugly head.  Controversy can divide groups, cause dissent, and as we’ve seen recently, ends relationships and causes tension among groups.

Controversy sucks, but it is a normal part of life and should never be the be all-end all of anything.  If anything, controversy should help dissenting groups work together toward a compromise.With time, work, and compromise, something once deemed controversial and negative can become positive.



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