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“Everyday is a #FlashbackFriday!”

Don’t we all wish?

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday

Culkin kids…and movies (circa 1994) starring them!

Yesterday, we watched a few trailers, we learned the importance of running with the Big Dogs, and we had a few laughs.  It was 1994 for a few brief moments, and it made us happy.

Today, we’re going to stay in the 1990s, moving forward to 1995.  Still a simpler time, and a great time to watch the material before the movie.

When I working on tape transfers the other day, I not only found material for Throwback Thursday and my most recent Retroist article, but I also found enough material for a few weeks’ worth of Throwback/Flashback stuff.

Does this make me incredibly happy? Um, yes!

Plus, people really seem to like these videos of movie trailers.  What was so hated about them in the ’90s that makes them so appealing today?


Yesterday, we watched the trailers from the 1994 VHS print of Clean Slate, a movie I’m not sure too many actually remember, unless you really like Dana Carvey movies and nostalgia.  I like nostalgia, but I also like some (not all) Dana Carvey movies.  Ok, I don’t like Master of Disguise, and I’ve never even seen it.  I’ve assumed all these years that I won’t like it, so I have refused to watch it.  I also heard I’d be upset if I did.  I like to write about happy nostalgia, not the kind that makes me miserable.  It would, in turn, make you miserable, and I can’t have that.

Nope, not at all.

Today, as I said, we’ll be moving forward to 1995.  Coincidentally, both yesterday and today’s videos were released within a few months of each other.  Both starred comedians/actors from equally respected for being on variety shows, and both were making the transition to films at that point.  One made a smooth and successful transition, and the other…not so much.

Oh, and there is a trailer for another movie this actor stars in contained in this block!

Can you handle it?!

Today’s video set belongs to the 1995 VHS print of The Mask, which my mom bought for me very randomly.  I hadn’t seen it in the movies, but she knew I’d like it.  And I did.

Also in this block…

Soundtrack albums, with snappy music!


A commercial that reminds you that you may as well go into the kitchen and make yourself some popcorn.  But it will make your family swarm you in the effort to obtain delicious POP SECRET popcorn!


Space Ghost, reminding you to stay tuned AFTER the movie for an interview with JIM CARREY!

And finally…PREVIEWS!!!!


…of the only actual trailer on the video!


“Samsonite!  I was way off!”


My only request, movie, is that you’re not “edited for language, and compressed to run in the allotted time.”  That’s all, movie.  I’m counting on you, movie!

One of the most distinctive feature of this video, and it was new for me at the time, was the post-credits bonus of watching Space Ghost Coast to Coast.  I didn’t even know he was actually a Hanna Barbera character in the 1960s, but instead, thought he was some animated talk show host dressed as a superhero.  And in this episode, he interviews Jim Carrey and Charles Russell (the director of The Mask).

That, my friends, will be an article for another day…like a super awesome weekend post!

So, that about does it for this Flashback Friday.  The weekend is upon us, people.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel!


And someone hoarding popcorn in a closet.

Have a great weekend!


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