Party On, Academy Awards!

Wow, a Sunday post…following a Saturday post.  This NEVER happens!

Ok, once in a while it happens, but I do tend to take the weekends off.

It’s a total rarity that I post anything on the weekend, but considering that this is Academy Awards weekend, and I shared a clip of the amazing Jerry Orbach over on Retroist yesterday, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share another highlight of the 64th Academy Awards ceremony in 1992.

Ok, so its a highlight for me.

So there was this little movie that came out in early 1992, and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.  It sorta has some sentimental value for me, the way all of my favorite movies of the past do.

I wrote two articles about it recently (three if you count the Retroist one), and you may have read them…

(“Party on, Wayne’s World!”, Now on Retroist…Did You Know There Was A Wayne’s World Board Game?, and Happy Birthday, “Wayne’s World!”)

Shameless promotion?  Hardly!

So, our two stars were very much that in 1992…STARS!  So when you’re a STAR, it is only necessary and right to invite you to do STAR things, right?

That’s right…you get to present an award!


That’s right – on the same string of commercials and clips I recorded from a tape of that year’s Academy Awards telecast, I found this clip of Dana Carvey and Mike Myers presenting an award for Best Live Action Short Film.


And I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t share this clip with you!

So thank the Academy (and by Academy, I mean ME!), and click play to watch this totally awesome duo present a totally awesome award!

Also, their introduction music…


Go on, click play!  Don’t keep anyone waiting!

Wasn’t that totally awesome?!

So, if you’re watching this year’s awards, may they be as totally awesome as this clip was, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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