Happy Birthday, “Wayne’s World!”


“Party on, Wayne’s World!”

Allison’s Written Words Travels and Experiences: Visiting “Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition”

I recently commemorated the 25th “birthday” of the movie Wayne’s World by seeing it in the movie theater (as I did in 1992), and writing about some of my favorite memories of the movie.  And while this all happened last week, the movie itself was actually released on February 14, 1992.  That’s right, folks, it came out on Valentine’s Day!  And of course, it makes me wonder how many people saw this for a “date night movie” the night it opened,

If I were in a relationship in 1992, you know I would have!

As you know, I took the opportunity over Columbus Day weekend in October 2015 to travel solo to New York to visit the limited-run Saturday Night Live:The Exhibition,” which was located on 37th and 5th Avenues in New York City between May 2015 and June 2016 (extended by an extra week due to demand).  The exhibit housed costumes, set pieces, props, and the story of the process of putting the show together each week.  Among all of the things to see, there was one thing that totally made my day, aside from actually going to the exhibition…

And seeing these costumes up close…


And seeing the actual basement set in all its late 1980s-early 1990s glory, as if untouched by the years and various set decorators…


Oh, hai Shark Head!!!

None of that compared to the actual moment…

Which was the exact moment my butt made contact with the couch I knew Dana Carvey sat on for four years while he was on the show!


Ok, so thousands of other people have sat on it because they visited the exhibit, but I knew it was the exact moment that I had a less than six degrees of separation thing from Dana Carvey, because we both sat in the exact same spot!

Yes, that is geeky, but awesome!

So on this day of love (depending on how you feel about the day) just remember that on February 14, 1992, a buddy comedy about public access television hosts getting a taste of the big time on a major network was released.  And obviously, we would never have known in 1992 that this movie would become a product of its time, and leave a lasting legacy on the 1990s.

Party on, and Happy Birthday, Wayne and Garth!


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