On InaugurationDay…

A few thoughts about today, January 20, 2017.

I got myself worked up before I even got out of bed this morning.  I made the mistake of checking my blog’s Facebook page, and then decided to check my newsfeed.

Big mistake.

HUGE mistake.

From what I’ve seen already today, it is enough to not only upset me, but to make me worry less about the transition of power, and more about how people are reacting.  As someone who has tried to steer clear of all the drama and crying that has happened in the last two months, going so far as to avoid confrontation and not comment on anything (as well as ignoring any potential arguments that have come up on anything I’ve posted), I’ve had it.

I have absolutely, finally had it.

It took until today, more than two months after the elections, but I’ve had it.  The anger that I’ve been suppressing for the last almost three months has gotten me. If you were trying to get me (and others like me) to react negatively, congratulations.  You’ve woken me up.

And no, I won’t stand by you.

The biggest problem I’ve found in the two months (and change) is how people who want everyone to come together and agree, are the very people polarizing this country.  I’m someone who sees the good in everything and everyone, and while I haven’t been personally attacked by anyone, I take it personally that so many people have tried to make me question my voting decision.  It was initially done on the first day after Election Day (and not since), but reading what people have to say and how they feel has made me double back on my decision.

Here it is.  Do you want to know why I voted for Trump?  Because I wanted to see a non-politician take on the biggest job there is.  I wanted to see someone who doesn’t “need the job” do “the job.”  I voted for something historical.  Like it or not, electing Trump was a historical moment – an outsider got elected.  Do I want to see a woman get elected?  Yes, yes I do.  I just wasn’t willing to vote for Hillary – I don’t believe in more of the same.  I want a woman who I feel isn’t talking down on me, but to me.  Yes, Trump is brash.  Yes, he doesn’t have a filter in place.  But he speaks his mind, and that’s what I like.  I like someone who is take charge and doesn’t take anyone’s shit.  Yes, I said “shit.”  No, it isn’t a strong profanity.  But it is how I feel at this exact moment.

Here’s my suggestion to all of you who need to heal, cope, and cry a river – let him surprise you.  Let him defy your expectations.  Since your expectations are already non-existent, they couldn’t get any lower than they are.  Be open-minded.  Have faith.  Have faith that things are going to get better.  Have faith that if I’ve ever wronged you or made you question anything, you won’t have to feel that way.  Have faith that if anyone (or any President) has wronged you or made you question anything, you won’t have to feel that way.  Yes, I repeated that sentence, but it was necessary.

The only way we can heal is to unite and trust others, not get rid of the very supports we feel we can’t have just because we didn’t vote the same way.  I feel for the people whose families and friends whose loved ones decided the power of the ballot is way bigger than the bond of friendship or relation.  That is the wrong approach to life.  I always hope that relationships and friendships are built on a strong foundation of trust, commonality, and love.  If this is what it took to break that foundation, then we are truly divided.

I read George H.W. Bush’s letter to Donald Trump.  It was a class-act display. and showed that even when we don’t agree, we can still be cordial and welcoming.  The presidency is an exclusive club, and Bush’s letter was his way of saying “welcome to the club.”

Indeed good sir, welcome to the club.

My purpose of saying this has nothing to do with trying to help anyone heal or cope with the “situation,” but to remind anyone who is nay-saying today’s events that some of us are ready to move on.  I’m also not here to make you happy or feel better, it’s not my job.  Happiness is YOUR job.  If your happiness is contingent on who is being sworn into office, then I’m sorry for you, but you really do need to find your happiness.  Refocus and find it, and I assure you, things are not as bad as you believe them to be.

Change is scary, pants-wetting, and scream-inducing.  But it can be wonderful when we allow it to be.  Let’s try it.  As always, you should hang on and keep your hands, legs, and feet inside the car at all times, it is a bumpy ride.  All transitions are.  The next four years are what we will make of them, and opening our minds and allowing life to continue is how progress is made.

Today may be Inauguration Day, but there is a silver lining:  It is Friday.

Try not to think of the negatives that you believe lie ahead, and instead, make the positives happen.  It is how we progress in life, and we all like progress, am I right?

Have a great Friday (yes, I said Friday!)!!!!



  1. I think I’m just mystified that an obviously intelligent person can see the way Trump treats people, and hear his words, and still think he is a good choice for President. Yes, he has no filter, and yes he speaks his mind. But, that’s not always a good thing. You could say the same about the racist ranting on the street corner, but you wouldn’t want him to be President, right? Just like we wouldn’t want a man that can’t keep from spouting off on Twitter about a late night comedy show’s interpretation of him. How can we trust someone like that to act with dignity or restraint when it really matters?

    In your post election entry, you noted that Trump didn’t need the prestige or fame, and I think that you are very, very wrong on that point. Trump is very much a man that needs to be in the spotlight, to have all the attention on him. He is not a man of the people, as he’s shown in his business practices over the decades. He only cares about the little guy when he can get free labor out of him. Trump very much needs this job. Maybe not for the money, but definitely for his ego.

    I’m reminded of a line from the Usual Suspects: “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist”. Well, Trump managed to convince everyone he wasn’t a politician. He manged to convince the American people he cares about them, when his actions show otherwise.

    In the end, if you have doubts about your vote, I think that’s ultimately on you. If you are truly confident that your choice was the right choice, then there’s no need to second guess yourself. I don’t agree with your choice, or your reasoning at all, but that shouldn’t be able to affect your decision. All I can hope for is that I’ve been wrong.

    Good luck.


    1. And this is how people should respond – this is not a nasty or hate-filled post or even an argument. I was verbally attacked for even trying to keep peace among friends, and when I took the high road and didn’t respond, it got more vicious to the point where I had to block the individual. It is fine to disagree, but it is not ok to hate someone. The more I have thought about it, the less I’ve disagreed with my own choice. My hope – my biggest hope – is that I’m right. And my other biggest hope? That he can prove everyone else wrong.


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