Michael Buble Duets With The “Stars”

Well, “stars” in the sense that they’re actually not the real stars, but they’re also acting like it is their Christmas album.

There hasn’t been much I’ve loved about Saturday Night Live in the last few years.  Let’s be perfectly honest, it isn’t the same show it was even three years ago.  I remember years like this, where there are good actors, but bad writing.  Good characters, and characters that should be forgotten about.  Sketches that I can’t stop laughing about (you’ve seen the David S. Pumpkins sketch, haven’t you?), and the dreaded 12:50 am sketch, which has historically always been a bad idea.

I was thinking about this one sketch from when Jimmy Fallon hosted the show in 2011.  I was so excited because, as a sixteen-year-old, he and his messy hair caught my attention.  To have him back on the show in a hosting capacity made me so happy.  And when you add in Michael Buble (whose music I was just beginning to appreciate in 2011), you have a show.


There was this one commercial parody (a takeoff of Michael Buble’s Christmas album), where Buble duets with some of the top names in the business…who are all trying to show him up.

And that’s not all!  Even Lady Gaga makes an appearance!


We think.

And the person who probably thinks he invented Christmas music (or sings it better than anyone) is represented too!


And when you click play, you may just feel the warm and fuzzies of Christmas…I guess.

I have to give Fallon kudos – the only other person who has ever impressed me with a Bieber impression was Michael Buble!

You tell me which one did it better!


Nope.  No it isn’t.

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