Merry Christmas From The Merry Store…I Mean, The Money Store!

Growing up a New York Yankees fan, a New York television station watcher, and well, being an adult with a love for commercials, I have a particular affinity to anything touches on all of those special components.

So combine Phil Rizzuto with commercials that usually aired on WPIX in the 1980s and the magic of Christmas, and I’m a happy nostalgia geek.

We watched alot of WPIX growing up, as did my parents when they were growing up.  Until 1995, it was a local and independent station.  And I mean REALLY local.  When the WB became a thing and our beloved local favorite became an actual station and not just a local favorite, I still watched.  But by the late 1990s (or possibly the early 2000s), I wasn’t watching the network anymore.  It just didn’t have the lovely appeal of the good old days.

So years passed, I grew up, went to college, finished college, started working, and moved away from an area served by the New York City television market.  I changed cable providers twice since moving, most recently in 2013.

And how I didn’t notice WPIX being on my lineup until early this year is beyond me.

I get all of the Philadelphia-area stations, but I also get my beloved WPIX.  And while it isn’t the independent station it was for a small chunk of my life (it’s now a CW network), watching it still has some local charms.  Their news has some familiar faces from years back (and other New York stations I grew up with).

One of the very familiar faces I grew up with in my WPIX-watching years was Phil Rizzuto.  As a Yankees fan, I grew up with him in the broadcasters booth.

Screenshot (702).png

I met him in 1994, when I was 11 years old and baffled around celebrities (I don’t seem to have this problem as an adult).  And besides the broadcasting gig I knew him so well for, I also used to watch him do commercials for The Money Store.

Screenshot (703).png

The Money Store, a Florham Park, New Jersey-based mortgage and loan company that was established in 1967, still exists today.  For many years, Rizzuto served as the company’s spokesperson, and was later succeeded by fellow Hall of Famer Jim Palmer.

For one reason or another (not sure why), I decided to randomly look up “The Money Store Christmas” on You Tube (exact words).  I was not disappointed.

How could I be?

Proudly presented, for your viewing pleasure, Phil Rizzuto for The Money Store…at Christmastime!  Holy cow!

A HUGE thank you to ShiskaWithChutzpah1, Video Archeology2, and Hugo Faces for their awesome videos!


“Thanks Santa…I mean, Santa Rizzuto!”

Don’t forget the phone number!


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From The Merry Store…I Mean, The Money Store!

    1. Hello Paul! Thanks so much for the positive response! I’m always looking to watch New York-area avails and promos of the 1980s. The more nostalgic, the better! Seeing these old Money Store commercials really brought back some great memories. I share them on my dad’s Facebook page whenever I see one – he loved Phil Rizzutto and I will never forget his reaction the time we met him. 🙂 I will check out your blog! Again, thank you!


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