#FlashbackFriday Has Touchably Soft Skin…and Hair!

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday…soap suds everywhere!


And Roger washing his hands.

All in a clean day’s work!

Welcome to Flashback Friday, and yea to the weekend!

If you were here yesterday, you know the theme is of a sudsy, soapy nature – the kind where kids are told to wash their hands, Dick Tracy takes a bath, and Pre-Governor/Pre-President Ronald Reagan promotes soap.

Today, we’ll move forward a bit in time (and back, because we can!) and look at some more soap commercials…and a few shampoo commercials.  Because suds are suds no matter what they’re keeping clan!

It’s a world where soap smells like a waterfall in Ireland…



We fling our hair over perfect shampoo…


Shampoo can age you in reverse!

Halos really do exist!

Shampoo called Halo, that is!

Creme rinse = Volume where there was none before!


And body wash that makes you the goddess you deserve to be…

The Mommy Goddess included!

So, whenever you’re ready, press play, and revel in the glory of suds!

And there you have, a soapy ending to your week!

Hope your hair and skin are clean by now, we’ve watched twenty minutes worth of sudsy commercials!

Come back next week for more themed commercial fun from the archives, and anytime to see all the other offerings here!

Have a great weekend (or, if not a weekend, day!)!!!


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