#ThrowbackThursday…With Bleach Alternative?

It’s Thursday.  I’d say it is laundry day, but in my house, laundry is an everyday occurrence.

We’ve cleaned up a few times for Throwback and Flashback themes – we’ve washed our hands with soap AND our hair with the finest shampoos (not to mention our skin with the finest soaps, and then applied the best lotions!).  Being clean is a confidence builder.  When we look good, we feel good.  By extension, our laundry should always be at its best too, am I right?


This week, we’re tackling the laundry with a few very familiar products. In fact, your fearless head poobah (me!) had a hard time deciding between three commercials, so this week will have a bonus episode on Saturday.  It will be live at the normal 10 am EDT spot.

Three opportunities to take care of that laundry!  Let’s kick this off with our first commercial!

We’re headed back to 1992. We’ve got a mom…


And she’s unsure about how her detergent with “Bleach Alternative” (Not Bleach, as I would refer to it), would stack up against her normal detergent, Clorox 2.  So, she decided to do some comparison laundry with her twins’ dirty shirts!


How did the competition stack up?  Click play and find out!

The proof is in…Clorox 2 with Color Safe Bleach (actual Bleach, not Bleach Alternative/Not Bleach!) wins the battle against what clearly looks like Imitation Tide.


And the twin that gets the shirt washed in Clorox 2 is clearly the more loved child.

Sorry Bleach Alternative Twin.


Clorox 2 was introduced in 1970 as an all-fabric bleach.  Forty-eight years later, it still exists as Clorox 2.  You’d think by now, the product name would have been changed to Clorox Something, but it remains Clorox 2.  Or, if you wanna be a dork about it, Clorox Squared.

Clorox 2

Oh.  Well.  Well played, Clorox.  It actually is Clorox Squared now!

It removes stains, boosts colors, and is whitens the way it should (when it needs to), and comes in liquid, powder, stain remover pen, pre-treating spray, free and clear, fragrance and dye free, darks and denim, and pods.

Yes, pods.  Not pretty ones like Tide (or my go-to, Arm and Hammer), but still pods.

But in 1992, a mom was playing favorites with her kids’ shirts versus laundry detergent tests, and it was still Clorox 2 with no fancy frills.

Simpler times.

Tomorrow, we’ll move the archives back into 1989, and show you a little stain magnet that reminds me (among other reasons) why I don’t want kids.  And in the bonus, even big kids have laundry problems.

Those are coming up on Friday and Saturday.  But until tomorrow, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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