Wash Your Hands, #ThrowbackThursday!

Because you never get them clean the first time!

That means you, Roger.


Welcome to Throwback Thursday, where a new week yields a new theme, and another walk back into the archives.

If you couldn’t tell already, the most obvious theme for this week is cleaning up with soap?  What kind of soap, you say?  Well, several kinds!  Ivory, Camay, Safeguard, Lava, Boraxo, Dial, Soaky…fifteen minutes worth, to be exact!

Today’s trip goes once again into the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials, to visit the good old days of advertising, and when saying “Softer Sex” didn’t mean stuff that aired on movie channels after 11 pm.

Today, we’ll look at fifteen minutes worth of suds, including…

Popular girls that people like…because she uses Dial!


Ronald Reagan promoting soap!


Romance that comes out of lathery handwashing!


Picture perfect families who only use one type of soap!


And Dick Tracy taking a bath!

Wait, what?

If you followed the blog on Facebook, you would have seen this!

And yes, Roger will be there too…washing his hands with Lava!

So go on and click play, enjoy the song stylings of Ernie enjoying his rubber ducky, and then enjoy people taking baths and washing their hands…with soap!

And there you have it, a very clean show here for your Throwback Thursday on Allison’s Written Words.  Come back tomorrow, when we clean up with some slightly less vintage (but still not recent) commercials for your Flashback Friday!

Roger will not be there.


But his hands are clean.


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