Photo Challenge: Fun!

This week’s Photo Challenge asked one simple request: To have fun!

One of my favorite things to do when the right opportunity comes up is to take an “adventure,” and by adventure, I mean a fun day trip.  Last year, I took three day trips and one five-day vacation.  I love going places, taking pictures, and taking in my surroundings.

My third and final day trip of 2015 (on October 10, 2015) took me to New York to see the now-closed (as of July 5, 2016) Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition, on 5th Avenue in New York City.  It was a trip I had researched the heck out of, since I wanted to take the train but had to figure out what one, what time, the walking route once I got there, and of course, figure out costs.  I will never say I can’t do something based on cost.  That is never an issue – if I’m thinking about doing it, then it means the cost is not a worry to me.  That said, I plan the way anyone should.

You would think after all the planning and travelling, the adventure itself better be worth the time, travel, expenses, and energy put into it.

Above all, the trip better be fun! No “Not Fun” trips allowed!

I took alot of fun pictures the day I was at the exhibition, but I was also lucky to have help from the kind people around me allowing me to fully take in the experience.  In exchange for taking pictures for others, they returned the favor.  And while I do have this great photo of me on the Wayne’s World couch:


I also have these “fun” moments!

I’m Allison Venezio everyday, but for today, I’m Turd Ferguson.


And for today, I get to control how the show works!


The Church Lady, I am not.


I think the pictures speak for themselves.  This was fun!


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