Thanks, Computer!

A few minutes after I turned my computer on this morning, this happened.

Screenshot (204)

I admit, it is a way to get your attention, but for those of us who have had this actually happen to them because their computer crashed, it feels like a scare tactic and not a great advertising method.

This was the unnecessary jolt to my heart that I didn’t want nor need this morning!


  1. I did the research on Google on what I needed to do to shut these off. I’m sticking with Windows 7 on my sole remaining Windows system. If Microsoft tries to back me into a corner, then I’ll ship it off to my brother and have him install Linux on it. I’ll buy a Mac desktop when this dies and say good bye to Microsoft one way or another.


    1. I like Windows 8 and have never had a problem with it. I actually didn’t have a problem with Windows 10 until it disabled my internet and speakers and I couldn’t turn either back on. I had to take everything off my laptop and reset it to factory settings, and it kept me up alot later than I wanted to be awake for. My friend had a problem with 10 as well, it was killing her battery and took up too much space, plus it was slow. I do miss the days of XP, I liked that. My workplace had XP until a few years ago when we pretty much had no choice but to upgrade. I even hated upgrading my dad’s computer to one that had 8, but he is fine with it. I’ll never upgrade his OS to 10, he would not be happy with it.


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