#ThrowbackThursday is Makin’ Pizza Hut Parties Great!

So I’ll explain how I came up with this week’s Throwback Thursday, in only a way that I can.

I was testing out the videocassette for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie (the 1990 one) to see if it still worked after a recent Retroist article I wrote about it.  I had almost forgotten about a cute Pizza Hut commercial that came before the movie.  And of course, it reminded me of the other videocassette I have in my collection that has a Pizza Hut commercial on it.

This week’s Throwback Thursday will focus on the commercial from the other video, so naturally, Flashback Friday will cover the commercial on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie.

The “other” videocassette in my collection is the original 1989 VHS print of The Land Before Time.  And the commercial, you ask? How to behave at a Pizza Hut birthday party.

Because apparently, there is etiquette, as adorable little Jerome will “demonstrate,” under the sage advice of his mother.


This is cute little Jerome.

And by pressing play, you’ll get to see his mad etiquette skills in action!

Of course, I’m convinced this is mad skills on a whole other non-etiquette level…


Makin’ it great indeed.

You’ll also notice the party goodies on the table are Land Before Time-themed, so obviously this was a commercial made exclusively for the video.  And if I must say, this video is holding up very well for it’s 27 years.

And there you have it, Throwback Thursday teaching you something valuable…and the child who debunked all of it in the name of awesomeness.

Come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday, when we see the Pizza Hut commercial from the Ninja Turtles videocassette.

Like Pizza Hut, I’m…


And by it, I mean great memories of your childhood…on a video that likely left traumatic memories in its wake.  I remember you could hear a pin drop in my house when Littlefoot’s mother dies.

Please don’t feel depressed about this.


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