Nobody Likes A Party More Than the #ThrowbackThursday Kids Do!

Of course, regular kids don’t have a problem with that either.

Wait till they reach the age where they stop acknowledging it!

Tomorrow is my birthday (on a Flashback Friday, nonetheless!).  I’ll be 36 years old. If 35 was any indication of how exciting (in a good way) life can be, 36 is going to be even bigger.

You’d think me mentioning my age was a confession, but that’s not the confesssion.  This is the confession:

I only have two birthday commercials in my collection, one of which I already featured in a previous article (#ThrowbackThursday is Makin’ Pizza Hut Parties Great!), and one other (not to be revealed…yet) that will be the basis of tomorrow’s post.  So for today, I’m giving my archives a short break to highlight a commercial from someone else’s archives.  This one comes from 1990 and the YouTube channel of GeorgeVHS.  My birthday hat is off to you, VHSGeorge!

That all said, let’s go back to the year 1990.

I turned eight years old on October 19th of that year.  I was in second grade, I was cute, and I played with Cabbage Patch Kids.  I had some cool Cabbage Patch Kids – one of those bend and flex ones (I think I got it in second grade for Christmas, coincidentally!), a Crimp and Curl doll (still have that one), and a few babies and regular CPKs.

My first one (when I was a year old) was for Christmas in 1983, and she was blonde.  I wasn’t, but that’s what I got for Christmas.  Her name was Gayle Ellyn.  She was my first, and I loved her.  I had one with brown pigtails named Beverly, a preemie, a baby (can’t remember their names), the Flexible one (again, no recollection of the name), and the Crimp and Curl doll (strike three, I don’t remember her name).  My brother had two boys, Ty and…Unknown Boy.  Seriously, I think his name was Vaughn, and we didn’t call him that.

That poor doll.

There were so many different kinds of Cabbage Patch Kids – ones that talked, could go in the bathtub, even one that devours human hair.


In 1990, a new group of Cabbage Patch Kids came along, and they like to party.  Specifically, they like to attend birthday parties!

Screenshot (1265)


Ain’t no party like a Cabbage Patch Kids Party, because a Cabbage Patch Kids Party don’t stop!

Don’t believe me?  Click play!

The Birthday Cabbage Patch Kids had the cool feature of blowing on kazoos and party blowers by “giving them a hug” (squeezing their tummies).  These kids came out on the Hasbro era of the dolls’ lives (Hasbro took over the rights in 1988 after Coleco filed for bankruptcy), and proved to be among the most popular of this era.  During the Hasbro era, the dolls all had gimmicks, but nothing really revitalized sales.  They also began marketing the dolls at younger kids, and decreased the size of the dolls.  In 1994, the rights were purchased by Mattel, so the gimmick era came to an end.

Screenshot (1258)

Oh, and they have a birth certificate with your birthday on it.  And they’re all unique.  Because that’s how they’ve always been.

But do the eat hair?

They should!

Anyway, this is where it ends.  But we’ll keep the birthday theme going into tomorrow, with another birthday-themed commercial from the archives!

Contain yourself, even if it is your party!

Have a great Throwback Thursday, and oh, hi Cabbage Patch Kid, whatcha doing so close to my…


*Not Allison, her actual hair, nor her Cabbage Patch Doll. She didn’t own one of these, she just knew all about it.


I’ve got a ravenous one, let me tell ya!

Have a great Throwback Thursday!


By the way, there really was a Cabbage Patch Kids that (inadvertently) ate a kid’s hair.  It was Snack Time Cabbage Patch Kid, and Mattel manufactured it in 1996.  It was recalled due to the eating mechanism actually catching a girl’s hair.

It was only supposed to eat food!



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