#FlashbackFriday Wants to Wash Away Its Gray

…because it feels like the gray is holding it back.

I have to laugh whenever I go into the archives – every time I feel like we’ve made progress as a society, we take steps backward.  And never was there a time where it was more evident than when our parents were growing up.  Moms back then could never look like moms – they all had to have June Cleaver cleaning prowess and clothes and hair that was nothing short of perfect.

Because if you weren’t perfect, forget it.  Your husband wanted nothing to do with you.

On this Flashback Friday, we’ll take a look at such an example, as a woman struggles with a dilemma…

Screenshot (135)

Being ignored by Husband because of gray hair!


What will Wife ever do?!

Hit play and find out!

Look at that “bought into it” smile!  She’s so faux confident, because she finally washed away the gray!

Screenshot (136)

Her husband is soooo happy, he’ll dance with her.

All because she dyed her hair.

That’s it.  That’s all it took.

Takes “blondes have more fun” to a whole other level, don’t it?

So, um, yeah.  That’s it for this week’s travels into the archives of societal standards, and I’m kinda depressed about where we were at the time.  I’d like to think we’ve made progress, and while we have (for the most part), youthful beauty still staggers around in the dark ages of products and commercials like this.

Screenshot (138)


Well, next week we’ll take a look at a theme that is much more chipper than this.

I promise!  It could be cheese commercials all over again!  The fun will come back!



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