Allison’s Written Words Taste Test: Limited Edition Blueberry Pie Oreos

I’m an adventurous eater by nature.  My basic rule of food enjoyment is that if it isn’t too exotic, bizarre, or mobile and noisy, then it is edible, and therefore, something I will try.  I have a particular weakness/fondness/obsession with snack foods.  What makes snack food so tempting, besides sugary awesomeness?

“Limited Edition” written on the package.

Oh yes.


I was picking up my weekly groceries on Thursday night at Target, when I spotted these on a display in the grocery section, near all of the seasonal foodstuffs.  It’s the same section I bought two previous items I’ve tested – Jones Soda Halloween Flavors and Chocolate Chili Milano cookies.  In those instances, I gave both items favorable reviews.

Will the Blueberry Pie Oreo stack up?

Ok, it does stack up into a cool Leaning Tower of Oreo Goodness, but will it “stack up” in the limited edition snack food awesomeness.

Will I stop trying to be punny…I mean funny?!  Stick around, we’ll find out!

So this is the Blueberry Pie Oreo:

Sandwich cookies flavored with graham:


With blueberry cream filling:


It’s everything you want in martian cookie foostuff!

On initial smell, it definitely has the distinct scent of blueberry pie, which is a good thing.  So we’re already off to a good start!

But how does it taste?

The filling itself is creamier than your standard Oreo icing, which makes it easier to lick off of the cookie without a huge chunk of icing being disrupted.  This icing coats the cookie, rather than sitting like a flat disk of icing on the cookie.  While you can peel off the icing on a standard Oreo cookie with your fingers, this acts like cake icing in its consistency and I like being able to lick the icing and it actually behaves like cake icing.  Yum!

As for the taste, it has the distinct blueberry taste to it that I was expecting.  And yes, it was delicious.  My mom was a little skeptical and glad she didn’t spend money on these, but as a limited edition flavor, I was satisfied with the taste.  Eating the cookie intact, rather than in parts like I normally eat Oreos, yielded a definite pie taste when all parts were combined.

Did I enjoy the cookie  Yes, I did!  Would I eat them again?  I could see where a limited edition flavor like this one would get tiresome, but I won’t throw out the whole package for fear of getting tired of them.  These are definitely a one-off purchase in my world, but they were good, and I’m glad I gave them a shot.

Do I recommend giving the Blueberry Pie Oreos a try?  If you like blueberry pie, and don’t mind the idea of blue-tinted martian-like Oreo cream, then yes.


Though in some views, they look almost purple…and still alien-like.  But still tasty.

Where to Find Them: Target is carrying the cookies exclusively.  If you’re adventurous like I am, give it a try.

Enjoy the alien-colored goodness.  🙂


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