#FlashbackFriday Wants You To Show Us Your Impulse!

Because apparently, Flashback Friday likes spontaneity!

We made it to Friday, and I think I’ve managed to find the PERFECT commercial for a Friday!

You know, when I think of impulse and going places, I want a camera that can travel with me, one that can show me the picture it takes instantly, be able to share it with the people I’m with, and then be able to take all the evidence and go to an early morning meeting right after I’d been out on the town, after being up all night under the pretense that I was preparing for a huge presentation.

No, the 1980s did not have smart phones, but they did have Polaroid cameras, which instantly printed the photos you took for immediate share-ability.  Which means that Polaroid is obviously the precursor to today’s smart phones and social media.

Who knew Polaroid was such a forerunner?

So without further ado, two commercials from 1988 (essentially the same commercial, one being a shorter variant of the longer commercial) that tells the story of a woman, her Polaroid camera, and the adventure she has the night before a big presentation.

‘Cause when you gotta go, you gotta go with your impulse!

Screenshot (93)

Go on, show us your impulse!

Happy Flashback Friday!


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