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#ThrowbackThursday Was a Synthetic Baby

Such confessions!

Welcome to yet another Throwback Thursday!

Relax, it’s almost the end of the week!

This week, we’re going to move away from theme and do two standalone Throwback/Flashback days.  Today’s subject is one that’s not unfamiliar to this feature, and is something that we are love and likely wear almost everyday.

We’re gonna watch commercials about JEANS!

As  I said, this isn’t a new theme to the Throwback/Flashback, as evidenced by two previous submissions – one for Jordache Basics and another for P.S. By Gitano.  And as evidenced by those commercials, the perfect jeans work in any situation, whether you’re handling the wardrobe at an outdoor photo shoot, or dissing your date when his car breaks down.

Jeans: There for all of life’s little moments.  Even the awkward ones.

So on today’s submission, we will look at three commercials about jeans – two from 1988, and one from 1986, featuring three brands you should be familiar with:

So whenever you’re ready, click play below and revel in 1980s denim glory!

Oh, and you’ll also find out what I mean by the title!

After seeing these, I have one very important question:

Screenshot (83)

Does he come with the jeans?!

It’s a GREAT question!

Ok, before I go on and on about the glory of the man in the jeans, I’m going to wrap this up for the day.  Throwback Thursday’s big cousin, Flashback Friday, will be here tomorrow with another blast from advertising’s past.

Thanks for watching and reading!


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