Allison’s Written Words Travels and Experiences Snippets – The John Ball Zoo

I love a good zoo.

No seriously, I love a good zoo.

There really isn’t much to elaborate on here, folks.  I like a zoo, and I like them good.  The science behind that statement…oh whatever!

So Allison’s Written Words, save for a couple short posts, took a vacation for a week, kicking it’s internet heels up and enjoying life off the grid.  Ok, as off the grid as a blogger can get.  I just didn’t post much for a week.  Shocking, I know.

One of the adventures I took during my week-long blog sabbatical to the Midwest – Grand Rapids, Michigan, to be exact – was to the John Ball Zoo.

One thing  I did at the zoo – as I customarily do when I go somewhere – was take lots and lots of pictures.

I have a whole album full of them.


Would you like to see them?

Because you can!

John Ball Zoo – May 21, 2016

Oh, and…VIDEOS!

Go on, take a look.


Don’t let the fence stop you. 🙂

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