#FlashbackFriday Believes in Reebok

And, like that, we made it to Friday!

So we started off the Throwback/Flashback with a diet meal plan that has proven results, and we’re going to wrap the week up by getting fit!

Screenshot (25).png

And if you believe you can get fit…you will be!

This week’s Flashback Friday continues on the “Fitness” theme with two commercials from Reebok, one from 1992 and the other from 1991.  Just wait until you hear the 70-year-old woman, now THAT is something to believe in!

It’s also full of nostalgic awesomeness, in the form of spandex, fanny packs, Wigwam socks, and aerobics.  In other words, ’90s glory.



And there you have it, your “fit” end to the week!  Throwback Thursday AND Flashback Friday will return next week with more commercials from the archives!

Screenshot (26)

I know this commercial is 24 years old, but I LOVE what she has to say.  And she’s right – that is the credo anyone could believe in!

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