Update – Will Ferrell Movie about Ronald Reagan

This was supposed to be a Facebook status, but I’m not huge on publishing long statuses.  To me, those are blog posts, not short and sweet observations.
None of this is based on political affiliation (Yes, I am a Republican), but rather is based on human observation.

Ok, so I’ve been on a little bit of a tear today about the whole “Will Ferrell as Ronald Reagan in a comedy about Alzheimer’s” story. Yes, Ferrell pulled out of the project. Yes, I’m angry about the very idea of this movie, and yes I’m angry about the idea of Will Ferrell even fielding this project as a possible spot on his resume. It was said that he bowed to pressure from the family, but it leaves me to wonder…why did there have to be pressure at all?  Why did someone have to push him not to make this movie?
There are going to be many unanswered questions about this, that will be unanswered until someone asks.  I hope that happens soon.

One thing I’m glad to see is the overwhelming number of people (from what I see on Twitter) who are against this. But there is always going to be that one person who will think this was a great idea.  That one person who goes against the norm and socially acceptable.  I hope I never see this person.

And as for this “project”…according to what I read, there wasn’t a director or any financial backing attached to it.  And if anyone is smart, this will never happen.  It would be a disastrous financial decision, and a blight on the resume of anyone who is involved.

As I (and many) have said today, Alzheimer’s is not comedy.  It’s not funny to watch someone you love slowly lose the reality of their life, forget the ones they love, and slowly lose their mind and body to the ravages of the disease.  Alzheimer’s doesn’t love the person it takes ahold of, it kills.  It doesn’t care nor love the bystanders it leaves in its wake.

Face the facts – everyone knows someone who has/is touched by Alzheimer’s, whether it is a personal connection, or knowing someone who has a personal connection.  You cry and pray for someone to no longer suffer.  When that time comes, the end is both shocking and not shocking at the same time.  The end is closure, but the pain always stays.  It never goes away.  It dulls with time, but there is always something that can potentially bring it back full force.

Unfortunately, it was this “movie.”

In closing, time will pass, this will become a forgotten memory (no pun intended), but what is left is the idea that every 66 seconds, someone else will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.  Someone will die of complications.  Someone is tirelessly caring for someone else with the disease.  No, they may not be getting compensated for this.  The pain of a movie hitting personal feelings may go away (and it would be crazy to even make a movie like this, knowing how the public feels), but the reality of Alzheimer’s? That isn’t going anywhere.


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