Who You Gonna Call (aka “Shut up and Take My Money!”)

Judging by the title, you’d get the hint that I’m excited about something, wouldn’t you?

I really need to work on subtlety, don’t you think?

So, this morning, I watched this.

And I’m screaming on the inside.  It’s like any geeky fantasy I may have had as a kid about being a Ghostbuster has officially come true.

When I had heard about a remake of Ghostbusters being a thing several years ago, I was apprehensive.  I won’t lie, I worried about the idea of it not being done right.  I loved the original two movies, so the idea of a sacred cow being tampered with was not something I wanted to witness.

And then when I heard who was being cast, I was fine with the whole idea.

Melissa McCarthy?  Kate McKinnon?  Kristin Wiig?!  Leslie Jones?

Screenshot (998)

Chris Hemsworth?!?!?!?!?!?!

Screenshot (999)

I think he was the selling point I needed.  No lie.

After seeing this trailer, I’m excited.  I mean, I’m VERY excited.  Like this is something I will gladly hand over money for.  I know sometimes you should never base a movie on what you see in the trailer, but this movie is going to be everything I loved about the original, with even cooler special effects than the ones in the original films (which were excellent for their time), the all-female cast (seriously, these chicks are hilarious), and Chris Hemsworth.

I will never get sick of the idea of him playing a male Receptionist.  As an administrative professional myself, it’s just sexy.

Remember how much I hesitated on Jem and the Holograms (twice)?  And then how I felt about it once I saw it?  Seriously, that crap got covered three times on this blog.

This movie, however?  No hesitation here.

Sony, you’ve officially taken my money.

And gave me Chris Hemsworth as a present.

Screenshot (999)

I thank you.

Oh, and it opens July 15, 2016, just in case you have nothing to do that weekend.  I, for one, will not have anything to do that will be more important than seeing this.


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