#ThrowbackThursday Loves to See You Smile

Yes, yes it does.

And after you see today’s commercial, you’ll have a reason to :-)!

Welcome to Throwback Thursday, which gives you a reason to smile each week (because it’s that much closer to the weekend), no matter what.

This week’s theme is “The Kids Are Alright,” and today’s commercial shows that not only the smallest survive in this world that’s not designed for their needs, but a little kid-powered ingenuity can go a long way in the world.

Today’s selection is a 1991 commercial for Colgate Junior, part of their campaign that incorporated the Randy Newman song “I Love to See You Smile” into its advertising.

And after you see how adorable this ad is, you very may well smile.

Shot from the point of view of a very small child, our young man makes use of what he has around him – a towel helps him turn on the bathroom lights, and a step stool helps him utilize the mirror to brush his teeth.  In a world where he needs tools to help him, it’s nice to know that something is made just for him – Colgate Junior.

Screenshot (942)

The narrator explains that the toothpaste is designed for a child’s needs, with a low foam formula.

Screenshot (943)

The narrator also tells us that it’s nice that there are some things in this world that are meant for a child…and a little ingenuity helps.

Clearly he’s ready to begin his day.

Screenshot (944)

Of course, Colgate reminds you that:

Screenshot (945).png

And I’d love to see you smile over this advertisement too.  Click play to check it out.

And there you have it, today’s Throwback Thursday!  Come back tomorrow for another kid who is quite alright on Flashback Friday.

Thanks for watching (and reading!).  See you tomorrow!

Screenshot (944)

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