#FlashbackFriday, Can We Go Shark Fishing?!

Perhaps you should be afraid of that title?

We made it to the weekend, with nary a scratch.  It’s likely because we didn’t do anything dangerous (you know, like shark diving!), but I’d like to think we are the cautious types who would never engage in such things.  After all, we like making it to Fridays in the same condition we started the week at.

On Friday, we are alright, just like the kids in this week’s theme.

Today’s installment, from 1991, is for MCDonald’s.  And like yesterday’s kid, this kid is alright, in the sense that he has a father who sees things rationally and says no to his kid about all the crazy things he thinks they should be doing together.

Yet he takes him to McDonald’s for his voluntary artrey-clogging.  How could dad say no to that?!

So we have our young man here, he asks his dad if he can parachute out of his bedroom window, grow a mustache, shark dive, keep a monkey, and do beekeeping. Oh, and something else that his dad will promptly shoot down before he even has the chance to say it.

Naturally, his dad has objections about his son’s choice of father-son bonding activities.

So, when he says “Dad?” to him one last time, you can tell dad is just afraid of what his kid will want to do next.  So when he drops a bomb on his dad and asks him if they can go to McDonald’s…dad can’t refuse the offer.

Screenshot (953)

He does refuse to let him drive though.

Screenshot (954)

Trust me, the eventual harm this kid will face from eating McDonald’s is probably just ask risky as the activities he’d like to participate in.

And now, witness all the ways a dad can possibly say no to an ambitious youth, just by hitting play below.

And there you have it, Flashback Friday lets you watch the father-son bonding dynamic that doesn’t involve any risk.  And no kids doing anything dangerous either.

The kids are, in fact, alright.

Thanks for watching (and reading!) and have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!


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