#FlashbackFriday: Behold the Cleaning Power of Lysol Pine Action

And we made it to Friday.

That alone is reason to celebrate.

Welcome my friends to another riveting installment of Flashback Friday!

A scenario, if you will.  You’re in the market for the perfect apartment, you get the place, and you come to it on move-in day, only to find it a filthy, disgusting rat hole of horrors.

And the questions.  Did you ever actually look at the apartment before you said “shut up and take my money, now give me the lease to sign!”  And, this is important – what do you use to clean that filthy rat hole you decided you were too good to inspect?

All questions will be answered as we go back to 1992, when only the power of Lysol Pine Action would do.

We have our new tenant.  Unsuspecting and trusting that her “new place” is perfect in every way, shape and…

Screenshot (411)

OMG, EW!!  What happened to you?!

Oh this is soooooo gross!  And don’t look in the fridge, I don’t even want to know what is lurking in there!

But mom has the power of Lysol Pine Action!

Screenshot (415)

Powerful enough to cut through anything and everything with its power of hospital-strength disinfectant…

Screenshot (416) Screenshot (417)

…and nasty apartments you were above inspecting BEFORE you signed the lease.

Seriously, why did this happen?!

Screenshot (418)

But it’s all behind them now…because CLEAN!

Screenshot (419)

What the tagline says.

Screenshots don’t do justice…when there’s videotape evidence – er, I mean – a video!  Yes, a video.  A commercial, in fact!

Why don’t we watch that?

Oh my God, it’s even worse in video form!  Seriously, who does this to someone’s new apartment?!

Wow, well, I think I need to go wash my hands 10,000 times and bathe in Purell. Do me a favor, try to get past this and have a great day.

Seriously, why?!

Screenshot (413)

Rat hole of horrors won’t let me leave!

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