#NFLFlashback Week 10 – The Return of Dick Butkus…Commercials

Dick Butkus does not get the week off.  Because he’s the hardest working football player on this feature.

Plus I’m convinced he’d be insulted.

Welcome back to NFL Flashback!

We’re now in week 10 of the flashback, and well, I wound up scrapping an idea because it just wasn’t football enough.  So, I had to fall back on something – or rather, someone, I’ve covered before.

Don’t leave.  Wait…where are you going?

If you stay, I promise Dick Butkus stuff!  Seriously!

But first things first, If you’re all caught up, skip steps 1 through 9.  If you’re not caught up, click all the links below.

Go on, you deserve to be well-informed.

Week 1 – McDonald’s NFL Kickoff Payoff

Week 2 – “Hey, When Did You Get So Interested in Protection?”

Week 3 – Random VHS Tape Find

Week 4 – Test Drives and Free Videos

Week 5 – Men Who Get Dirt on Their Uniforms Use Aqua Velva!

Week 6 – Masters of the Gridiron

Week 7 – Frank Gifford Advertises!

Week 7 – Extras

Week 8 – The Superstar in Rent-A-Car!

Week 9 – Dan Marino Advertises!

And now onto Week 10.

So I had previously thought of something for Week 10 that wound up not being exactly what I expected, but I’ll definitely have to write something about it, since it’s actually good material for one of my regular articles.  But for the purposes of this feature, it just didn’t work.  Can’t win ’em all.

Moving on…

This week’s NFL Flashback circulates it’s way back to a favorite on the flashback (ok, my favorite), since he’s so easy to spot in advertising.  I’m referring to our favorite linebacker/product pitchman, Dick Butkus.

Whom I assume has a good sense of humor.

Seriously, someone find this out for me.

Butkus, upon his retirement in the 1970s, became a prominent spokesperson, advertising everything from stinky Aqua Velva, to car protection, to rental car companies.  Don’t believe me?  Refer to exhibits – I mean, weeks – 2, 5, and 8 – for proof.

Onto this week…

Judging by a You Tube search, Butkus is quite the pitchman, and he’s promoted quite the range of products – the aforementioned Aqua Velva, car protection, and Hertz Rent-a-Car.  But in this week’s installment, he promotes much more.

This is gonna be fun.

So without further ado (because why delay this any further?) some advertising fun featuring the Master of Endorsement himself – that’s right – Dick Butkus!

McDonald’s (1982)

Dick gets right in your face in this 1982 McDonald’s commercial, all for the sake of letting you know that he wants his beef lean.  Also “When it comes to all things edible, I’m so demanding, it’s incredible.”

Oh, and he towers over the singing McDonald’s employees who have to prepare his cheeseburger to his specifications.


Miller Lite Beer (1976, 1977, and 1979)

Here’s a three-part harmony of Miller Lite commercials from the 1970s, featuring Butkus not liking Rugby, being sensitive, and

Dick sits alongside “Former Rugby Hero” Mike Roberts, who does not agree with “Mr. Boot-kus” on American football.  But they do agree on Miller Lite.  And that Roberts’ shorts are cute.

Not my words, folks.  Mr. Boot-kus’s, and only Mr. Boot-kus’s words.

And there’s this Miller Lite Beer ad from 1976, where he describes himself as “sensitive.”

And then he and Bubba Smith prove they like to play tennis.

They’re civilized.

Sports Illustrated

In 1986, Dick wanted to remind you he was warm and sensitive, while trying to barely contain his excitement about 54 issues Sports Illustrated.  And yet…he remains subdued.  I was waiting for some plot twist where he goes all loud and such, but no…he remains “Mr. Sensitive.”


Dick is convinced he’s the 1985 Outdoorsman of the Year…and lost to a truck.


Even the most sensitive man in the world loves his Ford Van, which is built tough.  Even blonde cheerleader types enjoy sitting in the passenger seat.

And finally, we move to 1996, where Dick sings (?!)…with Terry Bradshaw (?!?!?!?!) in a Visa commercial.

No, I’m not making that up.

Yep.  Like I said, I didn’t make that up.

And there you have it, a collection of commercials I don’t already have in my personal collection, featuring Mr. Sensitive himself, Dick Butkus, promoting products that aren’t Aqua Velva and car protection packages.  He proves to be the best thing about the Flashback, since he’s so easy to spot.  And I’m sure he’s not Mr. Sensitive about all of this.

Not that he know about any of it.

Seriously, someone please let me know he’s a nice guy.

The Flashback returns next week with another look at the NFL’s past.

Screenshot (141)

So will he.  Just not next week.


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