The Daily Post – Writing Prompt 11/6/2015: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other.”

“I will be a famous writer.”

Ok, so maybe not famous, but hopefully a well-known and respected writer.

I’ve never been convinced I’m the “Great American Novel” type of writer, but I’m definitely convinced I will write something that inspires others.  The most amazing accolade I’ve gotten for my writing skills was when I memorialized my grandmother after her death earlier this year, and people I didn’t even know (friends of my relatives) were commenting on the post, which was shared by multiple family members after I had published it.  My aunt (grandmother’s sister) forwarded all the sympathy cards she received to my mom so she could send thank you notes.  Many of the people who sent the cards were people we didn’t even know, but one of them wrote about the post in the sympathy card.

To be honest, at the time, I was ready to give up on writing/blogging, and it was the reaction to that post that told me I really had something going on that was bigger than me, and it inspired me to seek out opportunities and well, keep blogging.

Two of my friends even have told me they were inspired by me and my blog to start their own projects – one friend does these amazing “Let’s Play” videos (which are hilarious, by the way), and the other wants to start her own blog too.  I’ve even inspired myself – I’d like to develop my own web series (eventually), and found I really do have a gift for speaking after participating in a podcast.

Ok, so maybe this is just babble, but I was told to expand upon a six-word story. 🙂

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