#FlashbackFriday – Because You’re Someone Very Special

Yes you are!  You ARE someone special!

But it’s also Friday, so naturally, you’re supposed to feel special on Friday.

Why, you ask?

Because you survived the week!

And in today’s Flashback Friday, from the early 1990s, these grandfathers think of the someones in their life as special too.

Wherther’s Original was like the Quaker Oats of the hard candy world – promoted by a grandfatherly-type figure who felt you benefited from what you were being given, while you never asked too many questions about the offering, even though the offering wasn’t always something you wanted (in other words, not chocolate or a new toy).  But, naturally, we comply and enjoy anyway, no matter how against our wishes that compliance comes at.

In this two-part harmony of Werther’s Original commercials from 1990, we have grandfathers (as seen in yesterday’s teaser):

Screenshot (377) Screenshot (378)

…and grandsons (not seen in yesterday’s teaser).

Screenshot (380) Screenshot (385)

In the first commercial, two grandfathers take up spots on a park bench, observing their grandsons at play, and discussing how special their grandsons are, and how they remember when they were five-year-old special someones.  And in the second commercial, a grandfather sits on a porch step and talks about how he has heart-to-heart moments with his “someone special.”

Screenshot (377) Screenshot (386)

And all these grandfathers have one thing in common…

Screenshot (381) Screenshot (384)

They stockpile Wherther’s Original candies.

And the other thing they have in common:

They always felt special whenever their grandfathers gave them Werther’s Original…so it’s only natural that they would do the same for their “someone special.”

Screenshot (382) Screenshot (383)

And because you’re so very special (as my readers…please don’t get the wrong idea about the whole “special” thing), I’m going to share these commercials with you.  Because I don’t have Werther’s Original to offer you.  I do have Smith Bros. Cough Drops in my desk drawer for those “just in case” moments, but this isn’t about Smith Bros., this is about Werther’s!

So here…watch and be sentimental.

And there you have it – two commercials that remind you of simpler times, when all it took to be happy was someone to make you feel special…and candy that served as the proof that you are.

May your Friday be special too.

Have a great day!

Screenshot (382)Screenshot (383)

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