Discover Who We Are, And You Will Think The #FlashbackFriday Of Us!

Because you already think the world of us, why not aim smaller?

Today’s commercial was actually used in a Retroist article (long since lost to the interwebs), and is a commercial meant to inform the average American consumer of the company that is responsible for our consumer goods. From paint to carpet fibers, plastics used in automobiles, clothing dye, and pharmaceuticals, this company has a worldwide reach, but you may have not heard of them. But after this commercial, you will know who they are, and knowing will endear you to their presence.

And hey, if it doesn’t matter to you, the visuals are pretty cool.

We’re back in the magical year of 1988, filmed from a WPIX airing of Iron Eagle during a syndicated movie block called “Tri-Star Theater.” Since WPIX was known for their weekend afternoon movie airings, I’m betting this probably aired during one of those days. The most interesting commercials always aired during those movies, and on the weekends in general. In fact, WPIX always seemed to have some real gems. I mean, where else could Phil Rizzutto plug The Money Store alongside Crazy Eddie hocking electronics, Tom Carvel hocking ice cream cakes, and allow you to see what Cheers rerun was going to be on tonight at 11 pm?

Honestly, was Cheers in syndication forever?

The company seeking out awareness is the British chemical company Imperial Chemical Industries, and the companies under their large umbrella – manufacturing in over 40 countries, and selling to over 150.

But, what do you need to know about them? Well, they have one minute to pedal their wares, so this better be one hell of a pitch.

Kind of a quirky commercial, but informational in its approach, don’t you think?

Founded in 1926, Imperial Chemical Industries was a British chemical company that was the largest manufacturer in Britain for much of its history. Formed by the merger of four chemical companies, ICI manufactured general chemicals, plastics, paints, and pharmaceuticals, as well as specialty products (food ingredients, specialty polymers, electronic materials, fragrances and flavorings). In addition to Glidden in 1986, during this time period, ICI acquired Beatrice Chemical Division in 1985.

Even if you got to know ICI, and thought the world of them, the company was not long for the world, lasting 20 more years until being bought out by AkzoNobel in January 2008. These days, ICI’s products are under different companies now, but at one time, their presence in the world meant, well, the world to those that cared most.

World class!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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