I Wanna #FlashbackFriday Please!

If you want some fun put on a bun…you’ll need to go somewhere else. This is fun put out in words, there’s no food.

I mean, there are food commercials, but no actual physical food is here. If you want food, again, you’ll have to go somewhere else.

Like any of the fine dining establishments featured in today’s commercial block!

Or you can just enjoy a Manwich like these families do!

Today’s commercial break piggybacks off of yesterday’s block, featuring the second half of commercials that aired on Court TV during a March 2003 broadcast of the 1997 made-for-television “based on a true story” Target for Rage, which starred a pre-fame Freddie Prinze Jr., a pre-NYPD Blue Rick “Don’t Call Me Ricky Until I Say Otherwise” Schroder, and a post-Fonzie Henry Winkler, a few years before he played Freddie Prinze Jr.’s dad in one of my favorite teen movies from the early 2000s, Down To You.

They’re not featured in any of the commercials here, but products, services, and Court TV programs are featured.

You know, such gems as…

A phone that takes and sends pictures…through the WEB (!!!!), Madge and the unawareness that Spic and Span has a powder cleanser, Jan Hooks is a free spirit who loves those 10-10 numbers, the fever you’ll never mind catching, the pain relief cream you’ll never mind smelling (because you can’t smell it!), tough guys who love clean carpets (and the way he makes that happen), early 2000s cell phones, another “Sometimes When We Touch” moment, and teeth whiting solution that could potentially wash off from saliva!

Products, services, early 2000s technology, and insurance mascot love? Only on Allison’s Written Words!

I’d say only on a Flashback Friday, but Throwback Thursday has these moments too!

The commercials, as I always say, await you!

The early 2000s still had some leftover 1990s charm, which is something I notice more and more with commercials of that era. Basic cable really makes it feel a little more obvious, and sometimes, it is nice to be able to revisit it.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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